May 09 2008

Star wars theme: Integration of psychic parts as a path to power

As I said in my last post, Luke becomes more powerful as he integrates all the symbolic personality parts, represented by each and every character in Star Wars. Luke is merely the protagonist in the story. He meets, intensely connects, and symbolically integrates parts of every other character. This helps him gain power on his way to be a more mature, integrated human being with clarity of purpose, mission and action in the world.

In the last post, I say, “These others (the entire Star Wars cast of characters) , Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Princess Leai, in addition to the evil figure represented by Darth Vader, all represent Luke consciously choosing internal psychic parts which will help him become whole–a more fully integrated human being.”

I go on to talk about how Leia as Luke’s twin offers even more emphasis on the importance of integration in our lives. Twins are portrayed in mythology as the completion of the circle or two parts made whole. Luke and Leia once united in the adventure are more powerful than when they were separated from each other.

A colleague of mine recently read the post and told me, “…remember, you are not just Luke Skywalker…you are Darth Vader too…and all the mythological characters in the story….”

Of course, I already knew that…but with all the death, loss, and the ways I have been forced to surrender in my own life, I am hoping that I am able to access more of the energy of Obi Wan.

Obi Wan symbolizes the human being who can let go of the material world and all its burdens of property, expensive toys, back stabbing attempts to gain power at the expense of others, blind actions which injure others, unwillingness to be accountable and sacrificing others to save face.

Like in the late 15 Century play, “Everyman“, when we meet death, our final destination on planet Earth, we can only take our good deeds with us. Anything we have amassed, money, prestige, medals, self proclaimed brilliance…it does not go with us…or symbolically does not live on in a spiritual sense.

What does live on is our goodness, the way we have treated each other, the focus on empathy and compassion on those with whom we have shared our worldly path.

When my daughter was about 5 years old, she was filmed by the Oprah show and asked who god is….in about the most eloquent voice you can imagine for a very young girl, she said,

“I don’t know who god is, but I know where he is, he is in our hearts.”

She was too young to voice the female centered version of “she is in our hearts”, but her message was amazing and testimony about how brilliant we all are at our core.

And so, a person with an integrated source of power should understand that our own mortality, the essence of our vunerabilty, dictates that whatever material thing we have that we think is so important, is not.

The fact that material/earhtly things will be soon taken away from us anyway, because we are each and every one of us, “everyman”, means that we should start getting used to it.

God, the universe, however we define it will soon let us know…”we are not that special…” what we hold so dearly, may also be the source of our life’s unraveling.

In the unraveling, if we can let go, allow ourselves to surrender, we may touch someone in a generous way that will live on in that person’s heart.

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