May 02 2008

“Join me…” said Darth Vader to Luke…”I’d rather let go and die”, thought Luke…he did let go and rescued himself with his surrender into power.

The personality archetypes and mythology of Star Wars reveal a lot of wisdom, if we look deeply enough. Luke is shocked to find out Darth Vader is his father, but follows his own destiny in letting himself fall into what seemed certain (physical) death. Luke’s letting go is a surrender and allows him to “fall into his own power.” Rather than die, he is led to his next spirit lesson, the awareness of his humanity and need for others. He can not go it alone.

He can not step into his own destiny and personal legend without accepting his own dependence on his friends and comrades. They feel his distress in the universe and fly to his second rescue…their rescue of him.

There is also the spiritual truth that to separate from our fathers, we must experience pain. Our fathers will not let us go easily or without pain. Whether they die before us or abuse us horribly making our transition into our power more treacherous.

Darth Vader cuts off Luke’s hand. This symbolizes the blood, sweat and pain of this path to power for Luke and all of us. To leave our fathers and set a course of our own, even if it is a collision course with them, is part of our own collective destiny. We can run, but we can not hide.

The replacement of Luke’s hand with a mechanical hand also symbolizes that Luke has a part of his father in him. Darth Vader or the dark father embodies all that is evil in Luke’s external world. Now he must accept and integrate his own ability to act in an evil and destructive way.

For Luke, he first rescues himself by surrendering and refusing to obey his father. He chooses to be responsible to himself and the world, rather than obedient.

Second, he is rescued by recognizing his reliance and interdependence on others. However, this is not an unconscious transfer of unhealthy dependence on father, to unhealthy dependence on other “father substitutes”. Luke embraces and is embraced by a band of heroic figures who have not had to endure Luke’s trauma and hardship.

These others, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Princess Leai, in addition to the evil figure represented by Darth Vader, all represent Luke consciously choosing internal psychic parts which will help him become whole–a more fully integrated human being.

It is significant that Princess Leia is discovered to be Luke’s twin sister, also the daughter of Darth Vader. The symbolism of Luke and Leia being twins suggests a more powerful union. Even those two, now re-united become much more powerful than either was alone and without the energy of their twinship.

This place of integration becomes the source of Luke’s power. For Luke and other more fully integrated jedi knights, they see and understand the past, present and future, know their truth, mission and take action. They are not dependent humans under the mind control of some “wizard behind a curtain.”

  • Where do you need to surrender?
  • Do you sacrifice being liked and accepted over telling the truth?
  • Have you lost sight of who you really are and what is important to you?
  • Do you hold on to a position or role because you can’t live without it or are you really the only one who can do it?
  • Does your leadership come at the expense of the followers ability to be a free thinker?
  • Does many roads to the destination really mean, I really have the map and will never give it to you?
  • Do you like people in your life to be illiterate and sit at the back of the bus?
  • Do you think you are so special?
  • Do you feel like g_d sends his energy through you so you can be a portal for divine energy in the world?
  • Do you drink too much?
  • Do you argue with your spouse about the smallest things?
  • Do you need to be right, even if you don’t know much about the topic?
  • Does some other ism, rightism, religionism, foodism, moneyism have you under its thumb?
  • Have you been thinking that you need to start something, but not gotten to it yet?
  • Do you have colleagues or bosses who abuse you in subtle ways and make you feel powerless?
  • Have you asked for something many times, but never really gotten it, despite many promises?
  • Are you stuck in your life and lost about your next step?
  • Do you need to “go it alone” to prove you really are the next John Wayne?

If yes to some of these, maybe it’s time to surrender and rescue yourself, then look for a healthier context to allow your inner self to grow and prosper.

If you stay too long at the top of the mountain, the air gets thin and you stop making reasonable choices. Eventually, the people also trying to get to the top either have to get your attention by screaming very loud.

The top of the mountain does not allow much space for connection and collaboration, so try moving down the mountain to a basecamp where more people can reach safely. There you can all be teachers to help each other discover what you (we) already know.

Gain pleasure from this place of collaboration and cohesion, a more complete circle and union. Sing, dance and experience peace and joy.

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