Apr 30 2008

Hey god, faked you out! …mind control for the purpose of sexual abuse at YFZ ranch

At YFZ ranch, 56% of the girls ages 14 to 17 are either pregnant or have been pregnant in the past. The evidence is pointing to mind control for the purposes of sexual abuse.

Think about it. These male pedophiles operating under the guise of religion brainwashed young people from the very beginning of their lives that the way to get to the upper tier of heaven was by being a good mother and spouse.

Very clever…these men were even able to convince these young girls that they could enter into spiritual marriages…no license needed.

I read today that there is new evidence that young boys may have also been sexually abused, based on interviews and journals.

There is also the report that 41 children had evidence of broken bones, suggesting the possibility of physical abuse.

Mind control is a horrible tactic of social control.

The YFZ ranch and the mounting evidence of their abuse of children and women may help us all better understand this powerful tool of those who would dominate others.

The therapy for these children and adults will be long and difficult. First, the therapists will need to find a way to build trust in those who have been taught the black and white message that those outside the FLDS community were evil.

This will take time. More on the therapy options later.

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