Apr 22 2008

Why am I so concerned about child abuse at YFZ Ranch?

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There are many types of abuse in the world. One of the most sinister is institutionalized abuse where the dominant group ignores the mistreatment of a minority group.

I can think of no minority group more at risk than infants and young children whether they live at YFZ ranch or anywhere else in the world.
If we are conscious, we see the YFZ children as symbols of the many at risk populations all over the world, including the adults who were systematically abused at the Haut de le Garenne orphanage on the Island of Jersey.


We are also reminded of the female adolescents of color in America, Africa, and all over the world who are being infected with HIV through rape, sexual abuse, lack of access to medical care, education, adequate nutrition, housing, safety from the dangers of violence (war or other forms), among other risks.

There is a lot going on in the world. Time for us all to look at the problems facing all of us in a more peaceful, holistic, systemic way.

Part of my choice in being a psychotherapist is to create change in the world.

It’s the least I can do.

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