Apr 20 2008

Here are some questions for the mental health community related to the YFZ polygamist ranch

As the data related to the YFZ child abuse allegations emerge in the media, responsible mental health practitioners are being confronted with serious questions that require answers.

  • If polygamy is against the law, why were there no prosecutions at YFZ ranch?
  • When did law enforcement and child protection professionals learn about the potential physical, emotional and sexual abuse of minors?
  • Do the YFZ fathers subject infants to water torture/waterboarding?
  • Are young males forced out of the YFZ community to reduce the competition with older men for young women as sexual partners/spiritual brides?
  • Has there been a culture of secrecy and denial related to the potential abuse of children at YFZ ranch?
  • What is the possibility that this type of child abuse has been going on for a long time at other communities?
  • Why are the major candidates for president and other national lawmakers silent about these issues?
  • Is mind control a form of abuse

              I suppose my cynicism is present in the formation of these questions. There have been enough public comments about the reluctance of elected officials to take on the issue of polygamy directly for fear of political retaliation and the threat of physical harm by supporters of polygamy.

              It’s time to speak up in defense of these children and also the women who are being controlled, abused, and mistreated.

              Where do you stand?

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