Apr 15 2008

Culture of denial: Roman Catholic clergy coverup of sexual abuse

The number of children sexually abused by Catholic clergy during the last 52 years in America (and around the world) is staggering.

The report commissioned by the Catholic bishops in America found:

  • 11,000 allegations of sexual abuse had been made between 1950 and 2002

of these allegations

  • 61% (6,710)were substantiated
  • 9% (990) were not substantiated
  • 30% (3300) were not investigated because the alleged perpertrator had died

In many ways, all the sexual abuse we are seeing in the world, clergy, Texas polygamists, the orphanage on the Island of Jersey is too much. It must be so much more common than we think.

I am in the field and find it hard to believe that there could be so much denial by major institutions that would allow such horrific treatment of very young children, school age children and adolescents.

I read that one law enforcement official had an informant who was telling him all about what was happening at the Texas polygamist ranch. Warren Jeffs was also prosecuted and convicted. I will not ever be convinced that the law enforcement officials only recently learned about the extent of the abuse going on there.

Of course, we all know that priests who sexually abused children were passed around from parish to parish in a sociopathic attempt to protect the priest from accountability.

Where were you during the last 50 years? Do you have any friends or family who were abused by clergy? I do.

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