Apr 02 2008

Sustainability…how long can we last?

How long can this culture and society we have created endure?

Sustainability is a concept we should all study and integrate into our lives. It refers to the ability of human life, relationships, and larger eco-systems to survive over time.

What does it mean? Living in the United States, we are part of the “more furtunate.” We have wealth, property, cars, free education, and stores with plenty of food to buy whenever we so desire, and much more.
However, how long can we sustain all this? We already know that there is a lot about human life in America alone that is not great.
Divorce rates, homicides among adolescents, drug/alcohol abuse, threats of violence at home and in the world are common threads of the tapestry of our daily lives.

“It will never happen to me” may be our expressed state of denial, but for many of us, bad things do happen.

Even if we think we are so smart (see Narcissism category), we are likely to face some severe adversity during our lives.

The way we face that adversity marks our character.

The way we help plan in the world for more sustainable lives and larger eco-systems will mark whether our world will survive for future generations.

If people still starve to death, are killed in wars, or die of HIV disease because of the lack of adequate health care, it does and will affect us and our children.

I have witnessed three wars in my short life time, and WW II had been over only a short 7 years before my birth.

How many more wars will be fought for what important reasons?

I hear leaders say, “We need to win this fight…”…is this a fight. I don’t think so. It’s a war and many people, soldiers and civilians are dying.

Let’s give peace a chance…let hard work and committment mark our lives and contribute to the sustainability of our lives and planet.

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