Apr 01 2008

Malignant narcissism…deeply lost in the reflection

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Malignant narcissism is an extreme form of self focus which excludes others almost completely.

It is as if the narcissist is unable to see anyone else. Others exist to fill their needs for grandeur, success, and accomplishment.

They like to compete, but usually bend the rules in their favor, don’t admit they are competing and hate, really hate to lose.

They hear an idea from someone else and soon they have “spun” the idea so it sounds like it was their idea and off they go with the emotional theft.

You know you have been in a relationship with a malignant narcissist because you not only may be emotionally drained, but your wallet may be drained too.

The financial theft might also be a result of the narcissist’s essentially manipulative character (what, you made this as a donation!) or more pathological, anti-social criminal behavior.

Either way, it is not pleasant.

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