Mar 31 2008

The myth of Narcissus

Narcissus was the young man in Greek mythology who was doomed to die worshipping his own reflection in a pool, even though men and women loved him intensely.

When he was born, his mother was told, never let him see his own reflection, for it will lead to his destruction.

His mother rid herself of all mirrors so that Narcissus would not see his own reflection.

However, he was so beautiful that all the women and men yearned for him and loved him. Rather than be able to step out of himself to love, Narcissus scorned all of these people who loved him.

After they were scorned, Ameinias and Ekho called the wrath of the gods onto Narcissus.

When Narcissus was hunting in the woods, he chanced upon a pool, and upon seeing his own reflection, fell hopelessly in love. This was his curse. He was unable to leave this reflection and so died there at the side of the pool.

When Narcissus died, It is said that his dead body was transfigured into a flower, called the narcissus flower.

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