Feb 27 2008

#2 of 17 Marital Evaluation scales….Are you handling job and other stresses effectively?

A marriage or any intimate relationship can be challenged by outside stress.

This Gottman scale helps you evaluate whether you and your spouse/partner are handling stress well or whether it is “spilling over” into your relationship in a negative way.

Answer the following questions:

  • Do you help each other reduce the daily stress of life?
  • Are you able to talk about this stress together?
  • Is it helpful to both of you when you talk about these stress?
  • Does your spouse/partner listen with understanding about your stress and worries?
  • Do you find that your spouse/partner takes their job or other stress out on you?
  • Does your spouse/partner take their job or other stress out on your children or others in your life?

So, what are you thinking about when you answer these questions.

Write down your thoughts and feelings in your journal.

Make notes of specific issues you want to talk about with your spouse.

Don’t put off having any conversation about these important issues.

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