Feb 16 2008

NIU killings…looking for connections and patterns

Do you remember the other famous shootings that took place on St. Valentines Day, 1929? The NIU shooting occurred on St.Valentine’s Day, 2008. Holidays, anniversaries are important. Also, The shooter also wore black and began shooting from a stage. As Loren Coleman helps us see, there are connections and patterns to these events…

We are also learning that the positive, successful exterior of the NIU shooter masked serious psychological problems.

We are learning that he may have stopped taking medication before the shootings. What meds? And if true, how might this have contributed to his instability?

We know that the shooters in these situations have a history of psychological problems.

We know that they may be seeking there one day of fame, being a front page story.
Shooting from a stage might be a desire to be seen, get attention, become famous. He could have entered from the side or the back of the room. He chose the stage.

Who did he shoot? It wasn’t a professor who failed him or students who ridiculed him, so revenge does not seem like the motive.

He wore black, including a black knit hat. This immediately brings up images of the Columbine shootings and all the famous media action shooters like Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard and harder.

These images permeate the mass media around the world.

To ask, “is there a connection or not?”, is the wrong question

The correct question is , “What might the connection be?”

Loren Coleman is on the right track. His study and research offers us a glimpse into what might seem unrelated or disconnected shootings and suicides.
I recommend Loren Coleman’s blog on the “copy cat” influences on killings and suicides.

And his recent book, “The Copycat Effect”.

If we look long enough, we will find meaningful connections and patterns in all the events around us.

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