Feb 12 2008

The power of psychodrama

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Psychodrama is really something that needs to be seen to be believed. When used as a therapeutic method, I really don’t know anything more powerful and potentially healing…

Creating a psychodrama to deal with some repetitive problem in our lives can open pathways to feelings and body awareness that can help us tap into our own internal healing resources.

Imagine some of the possible scenarios using psychodrama:

  • resolving complicated bereavement and loss issues
  • exploring intense feelings related to neglect or abandonment
  • dealing with the pain and confusion of being sexually abused
  • rehearsing emotionally difficult conversations with significant others
  • exploring the impact of a close family member or friend’s suicide
  • helping soldiers deal with the trauma of combat
  • addressing the internal conflicts caused by religion or other belief systems

The examples are endless and there are probably endless ways to create psychodramas to address these issues.

I am involved with nothing so creative and meaningful as a therapist.

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