Feb 12 2008

Psychodrama: Holistic healing for a troubled planet

Sounds lofty, but it’s true. Literally translated, psychodrama means a drama of the soul. Having witnessed and/or facilitated several hundred psychodramas, I can tell you the soul is definitely present in this work…

Created in the 1920’s by Jacob Moreno, psychodrama is part of the humanistic psychology movement with thousands of practitioners worldwide.

How does one heal from the effects of emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual abuse? Psychodrama is a group method which quickly transforms the members of the group to part of the healing process.

The structure of this program offers an incredible vehicle for bringing the benefits of psychodrama…o those who may need it most.

We work with referring therapists, men have an intensely supportive and transformative experience, and the opportunity to continue their work in a facilitated support group where they learn body-centered psychodrama and other group exercises.

More than an intense experience that is quickly forgotten, this can be an opportunity to transform a man and all his relationships.

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