Feb 04 2008

Journaling… a way to accelerate your personal growth right now

There are so many reasons why journaling is a great thing to do, I don’t know where to start!

I have been encouraging all my clients to begin journaling. It’s pretty simple. You buy a nice journal. They come in many sizes, shapes and forms.

Keep the journal someplace close so you can jot down ideas, feelings, draw pictures or just doodle.

For therapy, it really helps you stay focused on your goals for therapy and keeps each session more connected.

It changes therapy as the only place to talk or process important thoughts and feelings. A journal becomes your own sacred place to stay tuned into what is happening deep inside you.

Journals also can be something you use to write down ideas for your novel, grocery list or whatever you want.

Journaling also has been proven by research to have many, many health benefits. This includes reduced stress, pain reduction, and healing the psychological impact of trauma.

We also have learned a lot about how people lived and related to each other through the study of individual’s journals from the past.

People at war wrote letters that never were sent or were saved by their families. Much of what we know about the personal impact of the civil war was from the collected letters and journals of soldiers.

Journaling our dreams can also be a fascinating way to learn about ourselves and our unconscious selves. Keep your journal next to your bed, so you can reach it quickly before the dream that woke you up is forgotten.

Write down as much of the dream as you can. Give the dream a title. Then, explore ways this dream has symbolic meaning for your life. It works if you work it.

Give journaling a try, you may like it!

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