Feb 01 2008

How our culture is not always a healthy place for young women…

A store in London got in trouble for selling a bed for young women which had been named the “Lolita” bed. Do you know what “Lolita” suggests?

The store learned from the diligent efforts of a group of mothers that name “Lolita” has been linked with the dynamic of older men wanting sexual relationships with young girls…What makes this story worse is finding out the store wanted to continue selling this bed because they felt they wanted to stay up with the trends. I guess someone at the store thinks sexual relationships or the hint of such relationships between adult men and young girls is acceptable.

Thanks to the mothers who objected to this, the store has changed its mind and will not sell the “Lolita” bed. Too bad they had to be forced to change their mind by the diligence of the mothers.

If this were up to fathers, I wonder if they would do as much. The cynic in me says no. I really don’t think that men would be as upset by this as mothers or women. Not to say all men, but many I am sure would not get the importance of this issue.
Betrayal comes in many shapes and sizes.
Pay attention to the ads on billboards and television…tell me if you can’t see how our culture encourages the sexualization of women of all ages.

It’s right there for all of us to see.

Where are you dads/men? I think if your own daughter were the subject of bias or abuse, you would become an activist like these moms in the story.

Don’t wait till it hits close to home.

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