Jan 11 2008

Crisis: An opportunity for growth and change in our lives

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A crisis is a time when we face a situation of danger and opportunity occurring at the same time…

So, whenever we face and cope with a dangerous or highly stressful situation, there is a chance of something really good happening in our lives.

When I was complaining about something many years ago, my wife’s mother told me, “Bill, you can’t pray for bad times to go away…you can only pray for the strength to work through the bad times until they get better.”
I have often thought about how wise this was of her.

All of us face challenges and crises in our lives…big and small.

It can upset us greatly, so much so that we wonder if we can really even make it. We lose the ability to sleep at night, or we wake up early and worry about this and that. If you tend to use alcohol, you may use it more often than before.
Facing these challenging times directly (we really don’t have much choice), helps us grow and develop as human beings.

We recalibrate our priorities and find new wisdom and inspiration in the little things in life that make a difference…the smile of our children, how much our family’s need us emotionally and spiritually.

If we follow the energetic flow of the crisis, it leads us to parts of our lives that are underdeveloped and need more nurturing from ourselves and others.

I see this all the time in my own life and the lives of others. If we pay attention and open our hearts, the lessons we have to learn will be revealed to us.

So, next time you have a crisis, pay attention to opportunities to grow and accept all the love that is available to you in your life.

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