Jan 10 2008

Crying, it’s a good thing: How Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire

Hillary just won the New Hampshire democratic primary. My daughter and I watched the telecast of her getting emotional when a warm-hearted woman asked her, “how are you doing?”…

Hillary looked into the eyes of that warm-hearted person and choked up. Some heavy duty limbic resonance was going on!

What’s limbic resonance? Remember the last time you got home (this is for dog owners!) and your favorite pet met you at the door, tail wagging, and just thrilled to see you?

You looked at him and he looked at you, both smiling and excited, feeling loved, connected, touching…it was a love-fest, right!? Well , this is limbic resonance.

Limbic resonance occurs when mammals (humans, dogs, cats, all primates, etc are mammals) look into each other’s eyes and develop a deep emotional and neurobiological connection. We see into the heart of the other person and sync up our central nervous systems.

We can see and experience how someone is feeling and harmonize back with them. If it were a symphony, there would be a lot of great music flowing between two people!

So, this warm-hearted woman could see (they were standing close to each other) that Hillary was fried…and reached out and emotionally harmonized with her. They connected at a deeper emotional level.
Hillary couldn’t resist the powerful limbic resonance going on and was honest…she expressed herself with a lot of vulnerability, and even teared up.

New Hampshire voters then harmonized back to her and gave her the victory!
So, yes, seems like having some real feelings in 2008 politics can be a very good thing.

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