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Aug 18 2007

Making marriage work

Making marriage work these days requires a lot of work. It takes time to communicate, resolve conflict, raise children and manage the challenges of busy careers.

Marriage and family researcher, John Gottman, PhD and his research colleagues have had a huge influence on the course of marital and family therapy over the last twenty years. I use many of the marital satisfaction surveys they have created. They are very helpful to couples trying to identify and work on their problems. Continue Reading »

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Aug 17 2007

What is Guided Imagery?

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Guided Imagery is a holistic therapy method which uses the power of our imagination to heal, relax, improve performance in sports, public speaking, and many other areas of human performance.

This is an ancient method of healing. We can imagine our ancient grandmothers and mothers holding their children and inviting them to use their imagination to soothe their pain or suffering.

When our own children are sick, we may read them stories or tell them an imaginary story to help them forget about their pain for a short time. And how much is that warmth and love worth to the healing process? I would say an awful lot. I know my daughter really benefited from all that intimacy.

So, using guided imagery is a wonderful gift. It is a pathway to the most important direction, to our hearts.

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Aug 17 2007

Exploring Images

All of us experience and explore images. An imagery therapist like myself, will use questions similar to the one’s bellow when helping clients explore images they allow to come to their conscious mind.

Here are some of the questions:

· What are you seeing, hearing, feeling (touch), smelling?

· What time of day or night is it?

· What is the feeling of this image?

· How do you feel as you experience this image?

· If this image had words, what would it say (message) to you?

· How close are you to the image? What happens if you move closer or further away?

· Imagine hovering over the image. What do you experience?

These questions help the client to more deeply access, experience and understand the feelings associated with these images.

Images are the pathway to our hearts.

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