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Jul 17 2007

Guided Imagery: Steps

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The basic steps in the interactional guided imagery method are to teach the client to use:

  • conscious breathing & progressive muscle relaxation
  • reverse counting to deepen their level of relaxation
  • creating and exploring spontaneous images
  • structured imagery exercises <--
  • processing and developing new meaning
  • conclusion of experience

Facilitating an imagery session brings deep relaxation to the client and helps them access feelings that while in a more wakeful state are unavailable to them.

I see this over and over again in my work. Clients come into my office, begin to relax and feel comfortable. Soon they are able to feel more deeply, often sadness and grief. They are able to release feelings related to family experiences, abuse or neglect, from long ago.

In the role of the facilitator and connected to the client’s experience, I am also able to empathically see and feel what the client is experiencing. We are in the moment and experiencing a deeper aspect of our humanity.

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Jul 17 2007

Guided Imagery: Exploring Spontaneous Images

I was trained by the Academy for Guided Imagery in a method called interactional guided imagery.

This method focuses on helping individuals create and explore spontaneous images from their own hearts and minds. This differs from other imagery methods where you are invited to create a specific image, like a road to a castle seen in the distance.

Personally, I always had trouble with these imagery exercises. I could imagine the road and see the castle, but as I more deeply relaxed, my mind would wander. I enjoyed myself, but never quite got to that special room in the castle!

So, when I found Interactional Guided Imagery, I was excited. This method focuses on helping the individual get to a deeper state of relaxation where they have more access to images connected to their hearts and souls.

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