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Jun 17 2007

Guided Imagery: Pathway to our Hearts

Ancient cultures always referred to the many directions of our lives. The focus, however, was beyond north, south, east, west, up and down. The most important direction for them was the mysterious within, the pathway to our hearts.

Guided Imagery offers a way to travel to our heart. Of course, heart is but a metaphor for the thoughts, feelings, memories of the events that make up our history and hopes for the future. Continue Reading »

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Jun 17 2007

MAST: Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

Here is another online screening test for anyone interested in evaluating their or a loved ones alcohol use. It is commonly referred to as the MAST, or the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test.

This test asks questions like,

  • do friends and family think of you as a normal drinker?
  • are you able to easily stop drinking after a few drinks?
  • have you ever woken up the next day and not remembered events of the night before?
  • have you ever been arrested for more than 1 DUI?

The MAST has been widely used as a screening tool to help individuals concerned about their alcohol use. Take a look at it or send it to a friend who may benefit.

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Jun 16 2007

Online Alcohol Screening Test

There is a useful website, Alcohol that will help you see where your level of drinking fits within our culture.

It is an online test that scores automatically and will give you a percentage which will tell you what percent of the people similar to you drink more and less than you. Be careful, your results may be surprising.

There are many other ways to evaluate one’s use, but this is fast, easy and will tell you where your drinking fits.

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