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Feb 25 2007

Relaxation Script to Help Relieve Stress

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Relaxation Script

Here are some basic tips about learning to relax:

1. Learning to relax is like anything new, the more you practice, the more skillful you become.

2. Wear loose fitting clothing and use your favorite chair or couch whenever you are trying to relax.

3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or anything that may make it difficult to relax. Continue Reading »

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Feb 20 2007

Watch the polar bear play with the sled dogs

Elaine and Robert, my good friends who own and operate Yelton Manor, a lovely bed and breakfast in South Haven, Michigan, sent me this inspirational slide show of a polar bear playing with sled dogs. It is quite amazing.

If you have trouble with the slide show, place your cursor along the line below the picture and you can see the slides pop up. If you click on the slide, the pictures will become larger.

Polar bears can get along with sled dogs. Why can’t human beings get along with other human beings? Why can’t we find common ground and get along peacefully?Is fighting, conflict and war inevitable? I don’t believe so.

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Feb 04 2007

Social Worker, Psychologist or Psychiatrist…who makes the best therapist?

According to the Consumer Report Study of the benefits of psychotherapy, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists all were viewed as equally effective as therapists.

I am often asked this question during an initial phone conversation with prospective clients and try to clarify what I see as some of the differences.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors, Continue Reading »

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Feb 04 2007

Personal Growth Retreats for Men

Have you ever thought about going to a personal growth weekend?

I have been doing various weekend personal growth programs, camping, wilderness canoeing, and family camps since 1975.

So, back in 1990, when my friend Kevin Fitzpatrick told me about this men’s weekend he had just attended my interest peaked. A weekend just for men? Seemed like something I would like…and it was! I have been involved as a participant, volunteer, and now co-leader and not-for-profit board member ever since.

The weekend I co-lead is called the Breakthrough Weekend sponsored by the Victories of the Heart , a not-for-profit men’s organization that sponsors weekend retreats. The weekends I lead are in December and April each year.

We also offer workshops and other educational opportunities during the year for men, their friends and families, and therapists.

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